“We went from just another vendor communicating features and benefits to the preferred vendor communicating profound business value… and the shift occurred virtually overnight.”

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Logilent Case Study


Logilent Learning Systems Accelerates Market Success

Michael Cannon was one of the main catalysts and a key driver behind the company’s early success. Prior to Michael’s arrival, our sales were at a plateau, we were looking for a quantum growth spurt. Michael jumped right in and convinced me that he could help grow the business.

What Michael did for us was extraordinary. He helped us grow sales over 1300% in 12 months, which enabled us to boot strap expenses and attract top tier Venture Capital investors such as Sigma Partners and Novus Ventures. He was also a key ingredient for increasing the velocity of sales, reducing the cost of sales, and improving the company’s operating margins.

During Michael’s tenure with Logilent, the following achievements stand out in my mind:

  • Michael developed a clear and concise articulation of the company’s value propositions by leading the management team and key employees through a series of one-on-one meetings and brainstorming sessions.
  • Michael created a great variety of sales tools that helped the team achieve tremendous sales growth.
  • Michael aided in the development of the company’s marketing material and was responsible for the core messaging on the company’s website. He helped keep our marketing/analyst and investor messaging focused on explaining the pain we were solving, the value of solving the pain, why the prospect should buy network training, and why they should buy it from Logilent.
  • Once the sales model was proven, Michael led the hiring and training of the company’s sales team and validated that the sales model was repeatable by others.
  • Michael is a natural leader. He helped keep the management team and the functional departments focused on growing the business by providing a continuous, high-quality user experience. Our referral rates increased from less than 5% to more than 30%.

We owe a lot to Michael’s process-oriented sales methodology and tireless work ethic. He is a big reason why, today, after eight years, we are still offering world-class e-Learning to the IT industry. That’s the best testimonial I can offer and why I urge you to strongly consider engaging Michael’s services.



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