“The impact on the region was immediate. The first time the new messaging and strategy were used, we closed a $100K sale to a F500 company in less than 60 days. Sales in the region increased approximately 35%.”

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Success Stories

A3 Solutions Case Study


A3 Solutions Goes from Vendor to Vendor-of-Choice, Overnight

The Challenge

Robert Lautt, the CEO of A3 Solutions, a financial software company, was in a classic David-versus-Goliath struggle: a smaller company with better technology confronting larger competitors with bigger balance sheets. Over the last year the competition had intensified, creating a significant challenge for the company to hit its growth targets.

The Silver Bullet

Michael introduced A3 to the Silver Bullet Group’s proprietary process for developing persuasive messaging. “Michael facilitated a cross-functional team from Sales, Engineering, Professional Services, and Marketing to discover the compelling reasons ‘why our prospects buy?’ and ‘why they buy from us?,’” said Lautt. In addition to interviewing the A3 team, the Silver Bullet Group conducted informational interviews with customers and prospects of A3 to validate that the team’s results were persuasive. “The solution just made sense,” said A3’s VP of Sales, Stuart Ratner. “If we communicate compelling value better than our competition, then we should see an immediate improvement, and we did.”

The Results

“In three months, our sales pipeline has doubled in size, and our close rate is up by 150%,” said Ratner. “We went from just another vendor communicating features and benefits to the preferred vendor communicating profound business value…and the shift occurred virtually overnight.” Added Lautt, “Our ‘Why Buys?’ are so strong, we effectively fence off the competition. Bottom line is, we’re now a much more market driven company.”



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