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Challenging the Status Quo


The #1 obstacle to more successfully challenging the status quo is the organization’s ability to consistently produce effective insights at a reasonable cost.

Effective insights must be contextual to the key decisions in the buyer’s journey such as:

  • Change to a new method or product category, i.e., “Why change from the status quo?”
  • Switch from a competitor’s offering to your offering, i.e., “Why switch?”
  • Upgrade to a new version of your offering, i.e., “Why upgrade?”
  • Add an extra accessory/option to your base offering, i.e., “Why add on?”

This means effective insights must provide persuasive (clear, relevant, differentiated, and provable) answers to these primary “why” questions.

In order to consistently and cost-effectively produce persuasive insights, your organization will need an easy-to-use methodology.

The Persuasive Messaging System will help you do just this–consistently produce insights that are 20-30% more effective, and at a cost that is 50% lower, than other 3rd-party alternatives.

It provides a methodology to:

  1. Define the persuasive messaging/insights you need to have greater market success
  2. Create persuasive messaging/insights that are 20-30% more effective than the alternatives
  3. Deploy persuasive messaging/insights into your marketing content and employ them in your sales conversations

It enables both Sales and Marketing to engage customers with persuasive insights that create and win more opportunities.

Messaging Examples v1-0

Imagine reps using the insights in these persuasive battle cards to set a meeting, qualify leads, sell solutions, and set landmines for the competition. There’re the perfect tools for quickly turning your reps into highly influential subject-matter experts.

Imagine these same persuasive battle cards deployed into your insight marketing content. Each one perfectly aligned to support the key decisions in the buyer’s journey.

You’ll see in an instant how they will make your program to challenge the status quo much more successful.

Just look at the incredible results companies achieved using these persuasive battle cards to challenge the status quo.


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