“In three months our sales pipeline has doubled in size, and our close rate is up by 150%.”

Stuart RatnerCOO, A3 Solutions
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“SBG helped us create much more influential customer communication. And, their customer-centric perspective added significant long-term value by firmly aligning how the marketing and sales teams think and communicate about our products and services.”

Bud Michael, CEO
Renaissance Management Services


“We quickly created meaningful competitive differentiation in a highly competitive market. The Silver Bullet Group’s methodology and facilitation were very effective in helping us capture the team’s wisdom, organize it into highly persuasive messaging, and deploy it into our sales and marketing activities.”

Tim Chaney, VP Sales and Marketing
Conquest Imaging


“Many product managers do not have sales experience, yet one of the most important parts of their role is supporting product sales. Their effectiveness at this task is contingent upon their ability to communicate a succinct value proposition and deliver engaging training. The Silver Bullet Group’s World-Class Sales Support Training for Product Managers provided us with the right mindset and the appropriate skills to excel at these tasks. The impact was a meaningful improvement in the execution of sales programs.”

Mohamad Afshar, Ph.D., Vice President, Product Management
Oracle Corporation


The Silver Bullet Group helped us create highly persuasive competitive messaging that increased our win rate by 30% and reduced the time we spend supporting the field by around 50%, for the product family I support.”

Nigel Mott, Product Sales Manager
Agilent Technologies


“The impact on the region was immediate. The first time the new messaging and strategy was used, we closed a $100K sale to a F500 company in less than 60 days. Sales in the region increased approximately 35%.”

Barbara Wehrle, Director, Western Region
SilverStream Software


“In three months our sales pipeline has doubled in size, and our close rate is up by 150%.”

Stuart Ratner, COO
A3 Solutions


“Extraordinary. SBG helped us grow sales over 1300% in 12 months, which enabled us to bootstrap expenses and attract top tier Venture Capital investors such as Sigma Partners and Novus Ventures.”

– David James Clarke IV, Co-Founder
Logilent Learning Systems


“The Silver Bullet Group’s messaging workshop exceeded expectations. In addition to a quantum leap in messaging quality, we realigned our messaging with the customer’s buying process, got the field sales and product improvement teams on the same page, and have a solid plan for implementation.”

Donna Leever, Digital Test Marketing Programs Manager
Agilent Technologies




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