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Silver Bullet Group Publishes Predictions: What Lies Ahead for Sales and Marketing


WALNUT CREEK, CA — September 9, 2008 — Over the last several decades, corporations have implemented sets of best practices and software automation tools for some of their key departments, such as Manufacturing, Finance, and Operations, to allow those departments to measure their efforts and attain maximum effectiveness in helping their firm keep its competitive edge and grow revenues, profits and market share. But what about two other critical groups: Sales and Marketing?

In his just-released article, “Predictions: What Lies Ahead for Sales and Marketing,” internationally recognized sales and marketing effectiveness expert and best-selling author Michael Cannon, CEO of Silver Bullet Group, Inc., examines the current push by many boards and CEOs to create a more formal set of best practices and software solutions for their Sales and Marketing departments so that they can be more effective in generating customers, revenue, and profits. His article, appearing in the latest edition of Sales Messaging Matters, Silver Bullet Group’s quarterly newsletter, briefly touches upon the various tools being used today by companies’ other departments and then outlines the steps many companies are taking to develop and automate a set of best practices for Sales and Marketing.

For instance, companies are making sure that their customers’ buying processes are aligned with their own sales processes, documenting how and why customers buy and creating customer messaging, marketing collateral, and sales tools that directly support those buying processes. Then, Inside Sales, Field Sales, and Channel Partners are being given solutions to automate those processes; Marketing is using ROI and automation tools to justify its expenses and tie those expenditures to the bottom line, and Marketing is also working toward better alignment with Sales through the integration of great sales messaging.

In short, Sales and Marketing are being driven to operate in the context of core business processes — a long-overdue “have to” in helping companies achieve maximum financial success.


Members of the media interested in scheduling an interview with Mr. Cannon to discuss his remarks may contact Teri Yazdi at the phone number or e-mail address listed above.

About Michael Cannon

Michael Cannon is an internationally renowned sales and marketing effectiveness expert and a best-selling author, most recently coauthoring with Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing), et al., Marketing Strategies That Really Work! Promote Your Way to Millions.

About Silver Bullet Group, Inc.

As the global leader in messaging effectiveness, we help Fortune 5000 BtoB companies extract more profit from their sales and marketing investments by employing great sales messaging to improve both the words (messaging) and the tools they use to persuade people to buy from them. To learn more, visit silverbulletgroup.com.



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