“The impact on the region was immediate. The first time the new messaging and strategy were used, we closed a $100K sale to a F500 company in less than 60 days. Sales in the region increased approximately 35%.”

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Silver Bullet Group Launches Breakthrough Tool for Evaluating Messaging Effectiveness


Objective criteria equip B2B companies to generate more revenue from sales and marketing investments

WALNUT CREEK, CA — June 2, 2011 — As the crowded global environment becomes even noisier in a sluggish economy, traditional sales and marketing tactics continue to achieve limited results. Thus, it’s more imperative than ever that business-to-business organizations improve upon established practices for creating and delivering their value proposition to customers. Sales and marketing professionals must learn and apply new tactics when it comes to messaging if they want to have more influence on the customer’s decision to buy.

This critical requirement is the crux of the Silver Bullet Group’s tool, “The Principles of Highly Persuasive Messaging”. Available to the public via the Silver Bullet Group’s website, the tool features over 15 objective evaluation criteria for creating the most clear, concise and relevant messaging. 

Highest impact on sales effectiveness

“In today’s tough market environment, high-tech companies are seeking practical and near-term ways to improve win rates,” says Michael Eckhardt, Senior Managing Director of The Chasm Institute. “Our 18 years of teaching market strategy workshops show that high-impact messaging is one of the single greatest drivers of marketing and sales effectiveness. Companies will therefore benefit from such a timely set of messaging principles and evaluation criteria.”

According to the sales effectiveness research firm, CSO Insights, and illustrated in an excerpt of its Sales Performance Optimization Report, improving messaging has the highest impact on sales effectiveness for the lowest cost and the least effort. “If creating great messaging came naturally, more people would already be doing it well,” says Barry Trailer, managing partner of CSO Insights and an expert on sales methods in complex business-to-business environments. “Everyone is under pressure to optimize performance within shorter time frames. Without a guide for what constitutes great messaging, it’s easy to overlook the basics that make a big difference.”

“Persuasive messaging is the most crucial style of messaging in influencing potential customers to buy your product or service,” says Michael Cannon, Silver Bullet Group CEO and the tool’s creator. “Often the messaging we see is highly descriptive and not specific to a particular customer. If businesses improve the words they use to persuade people to do business with them, they can increase win rates by 15% or more almost immediately.”

Objective criteria accelerate revenue growth

Marketing professionals fill a demanding role in supporting a wide variety of audiences and constituents. Persuasive messaging is critical to a marketer’s success, but the creation process is time-consuming, subjective, and often frustrating. Being able to increase messaging quality/objectivity and reduce total work time is a valuable tool for both marketing professionals and their companies.

 “Many product managers do not have sales experience, yet one of their most important roles is supporting product sales,” says Mohamad Afshar, VP of Product Management at Oracle Corporation. “Their effectiveness at this task is contingent upon their ability to communicate a succinct value proposition and deliver engaging training.”

Nigel Mott, Product Sales Manager at Agilent Technologies, agrees, saying, “We worked with Silver Bullet Group to implement the messaging principles. Having a way to create great sales messaging increased our win rate by 30% and reduced the time we spend supporting the field by around 50% for the product family I support.”

“With such high demands on Marketing and Sales to generate more results in less time, we wanted to offer solutions to address this clear need,” says Cannon. “The criteria set forth in ‘The Principles of Highly Persuasive Messaging’ help companies accelerate revenue growth by communicating most effectively with their audiences.”


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Members of the media interested in scheduling an interview with Mr. Cannon to discuss “The Principles of Highly Persuasive Messaging” or his company may contact Teri Yazdi at (925) 930 9436.

About Silver Bullet Group, Inc.

Silver Bullet Group helps B2B companies achieve the largest increase in both Marketing and Sales effectiveness by providing products and services that engage customers with the most influential go-to market content and sales conversations™. To learn more, visit silverbulletgroup.com.

About Michael Cannon

Michael Cannon is an internationally renowned marketing and sales effectiveness expert and best-selling author. Most recently he co-authored Marketing Strategies That Really Work! with Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing), et al.


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