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Silver Bullet Group Publishes The Real Problems with Today’s B2B Messaging and How to Solve Them


WALNUT CREEK, CA — October 28, 2008 — Numerous studies confirm that many business-to-business companies lose billions of dollars annually as a result of ineffective customer messaging. It’s not that companies are ignoring messaging. On the contrary, they spend significant time and money on company-, market-, and product-specific messaging — all for the most part descriptive rather than persuasive. The problem is that these companies need to focus a lot more of their messaging dollars on creating effective sales messaging, a new messaging category that, when implemented, consistently results in impressive gains in a company’s revenues and market share growth.

In “The Real Problems with Today’s BtoB Messaging and How to Solve Them,” the featured article in the latest edition of Sales Messaging Matters, Michael Cannon outlines the positive changes that occur when BtoB companies face up to the problem that sales messaging is non-existent in their customer messaging mix and take steps to ensure that great sales messaging is up and operational throughout their sales and marketing groups. An internationally recognized sales/marketing effectiveness expert, Cannon lists numerous positive results that occur when various teams within the company — from product development/r&d and product marketing to sales operations and inside, field, and channel sales — do just one thing: implement great sales messaging. For instance, with great customer sales messaging, the product marketing team is better able to market solutions; provide more useful training, collateral, and sales tools to Sales; and respond faster in penetrating both new and existing markets.

In today’s volatile marketplace, the need to have solid sales and marketing practices has never been more critical. Historically, companies have often reacted to difficult times by scaling back their sales and marketing operations, ironically the last area that should be sacrificed. Simply by reevaluating its current messaging practices and placing the emphasis on developing and executing great sales messaging, a BtoB company will find that realizing its sales goals during challenging times is not so difficult after all.


Members of the media interested in scheduling an interview with Mr. Cannon to discuss his remarks
may contact Teri Yazdi at the phone number or e-mail address listed above.

About Michael Cannon

Michael Cannon is an internationally renowned sales and marketing effectiveness expert and
a best-selling author, most recently coauthoring with Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing),
et al., Marketing Strategies That Really Work! Promote Your Way to Millions.

About Silver Bullet Group, Inc.

As the global leader in messaging effectiveness solutions, we help BtoB companies generate more revenue from their sales and marketing investments by employing great sales messaging to improve both the words (messaging) and the tools they use to persuade people to buy from them. To learn
more, visit silverbulletgroup.com.



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