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Michael Cannon’s Next Book: “Marketing Strategies That Really Work!”


WALNUT CREEK, CA – December 18, 2007 – Silver Bullet Group founder and CEO Michael Cannon, internationally respected sales and marketing effectiveness expert, has recently signed with Insight Publishing to be one of a select number of leading marketing experts offering up their trade secrets in the forthcoming book, Marketing Strategies That Really Work! Promote Your Way to Millions. Cannon joins an illustrious group of highly regarded marketing gurus and successful authors, such as Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing) and Robert Bly (The Copywriter’s Handbook), presenting to readers — in an easily accessible, reader-friendly interview format — a remarkably simple messaging strategy that allows companies to increase their marketshare, revenue, and profits.

In his chapter, Cannon provides convincing research that supports the fact that B2B companies waste a significant percentage of their sales and marketing budgets using ineffective messaging, with losses estimated at over $100 billion annually in the U.S. He then offers a simple solution for improving messaging quality that includes objective principles and techniques to evaluate messaging effectiveness and a process to create great messaging.

Cannon shares with readers his blueprint for building highly effective sales and marketing teams. He highlights the impressive results that occur when messaging quality is improved, reviews a few compelling case studies, and ends the discussion with some surprising predictions for the future of sales and marketing.

Also a coauthor of the best-selling book, Create the Business Breakthrough You Want: Secrets and Strategies from the World’s Greatest Mentors (Mission Publishing, 2004), Cannon is particularly excited about his new forthcoming marketing guide. “Messaging truly is the fuel that powers your sales and marketing engines. The one-on-one conversational tone of the interview in this book allows me to engage in a free-flowing dialogue about how to use sales messaging as a tool to improve messaging effectiveness and better align Sales and Marketing with the revenue-generation process.”

Marketing Strategies That Really Work! will be available online at Amazon.com and in bookstores nationwide in early 2008. For information about Insight Publishing, go to www.insightpublishing.com.



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Members of the media interested in scheduling an interview with Mr. Cannon to discuss Marketing Strategies That Really Work! or his company may contact Teri Yazdi (see contact info above).


About Michael Cannon

Michael Cannon is an internationally renowned sales and marketing effectiveness expert, best-selling author, CEO of the Silver Bullet Group, and creator of the Silver Bullet Messaging System. For more information, visit silverbulletgroup.com or call 925-930-9436.


About Silver Bullet Group, Inc.

The Silver Bullet Group is the global leader in messaging effectiveness, helping Fortune 500 B2B companies make order-of-magnitude improvements in messaging quality and marketing deliverables, while simultaneously improving sales and marketing effectiveness.



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