“SBG has made our competitive information much more concise; it is information that the salespeople now use. It has taught them how to ask the right questions to steer customers our way. SBG was the “glue” that attached our field sales teams to our factory marketing teams.”

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Sales Consultant Michael Cannon Speaks at Renaissance Executive Forums


WALNUT CREEK, CA – April 6, 2006 — Silver Bullet Group CEO, Michael Cannon, an internationally renowned sales and marketing consultant will present to a select group of Silicon Valley CEOs on the subject of how to build a high-performing sales team on April 11th at the Renaissance Executive Forum in Sunnyvale, California.

In his presentation, “Chief Rainmaker to Chief Executive Officer: Build Your High Performing Sales Team,”  Cannon will explain why the transition from Chief Rain Maker to Chief Executive Officer is an arduous, often perilous, rite of passage and how to overcome these obstacles.  Says Cannon, “While it may seem counter-intuitive that the company’s best salesperson might struggle to build a successful sales organization, it’s true more often than not. Without understanding the reasons for this seeming conundrum and what to do about it, many owners waste tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on failed attempts.”  Cannon will talk about ways to break that frustrating cycle of hire, fire and repeat.

Cannon has been invited to appear again at the Executive Forum on April 13th and May 15th to address the topic of “Increasing Your Sales Teams’ Performance by 25% or More. 

“You can waste hundreds of thousands of dollars using the common remedy for improving an underperforming sales team,” says Michael Cannon. “The typical remedy is to replace sales reps and, if that does not work, replace the sales manager, who then replaces more reps. Throwing bodies at the problem is rarely effective because the system in which they work is usually broken. Fix the system and most of the sales reps in your team will increase their sales dramatically, while your hiring, training and ramping-up cost will drop significantly. A strategic sales plan properly developed and deployed will optimize your sales system and increase your revenues by 25% or more over the next 12 to 24 months.”

For more information on these topics, visit http://silverbulletgroup.com/

 The event is “By Invitation Only.  ”CEO’s interested in attending are welcome to contact Sandy McMahon at the Executive Forum to determine if it’s a good fit for both parties.  He can be reached at 650-591-3855.  Members of the media interested in scheduling an interview to discuss Mr. Cannon’s remarks may contact Louise La Fosse.

About Michael Cannon

Michael Cannon is an internationally renowned sales and marketing expert, dynamic speaker and best selling author with business gurus Brian Tracy, et. al., of “Create the Business Breakthrough You Want.” An expert in working with B2B companies to increase sales, Michael has assisted hundreds of companies, as big as SBC and as small as a 1-person start-up, to increase sales up to 1300% so far! Michael is Founder of the Silver Bullet Group and creator of the Silver Bullet Sales Messaging System. He has spoken to numerous audiences across the country including Entrepreneur Magazine Radio, the Alliance of CEO’s, the American Marketing Association, TEC International, the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, and many more. For more info, visit silverbulletgroup.com or call 925 930 9436.

About Executive Forums

Sandy McMahon is President and Owner of Executive Forums Silicon Valley.  Executive Forums is the fastest growing provider of advisory board services in the country. Working exclusively with CEOs, Presidents and Business Owners, it uses a proven process to leverage collective experience and expertise of the group and bring that expertise to focus on individual issues and opportunities.



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