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Michael Cannon Interviewed on “The Business of Success” Radio


WALNUT CREEK, CA – March 15, 2006 – Silver Bullet Group CEO, Michael Cannon, an internationally renowned sales and marketing consultant was interviewed by Alan Rothman, Host of the hugely successful weekly radio talk show “The Business of Success.”

Michael discussed one of his principles for sales success, called the “Revenue Acquisition Map,” as a key tool for how B2B companies can dramatically increase sales and profits.

“This is one critical area and one where most businesses don’t focus, said Michael Cannon. “Most companies don’t have a plan for the series of meetings that they are going to close for that logically lead the buyer to buy and buy from them. If you have this series of meetings defined upfront, you’re much more likely to successfully move your buyers through the buying process.” The Revenue Acquisition Map defines the process, the goals, the messaging and the tools you need to successfully create an order for your company.

“The Revenue Acquisition Map also helps sales leverage their marketing department in supporting them to create a powerful revenue generation engine, which creates breakthrough results.” Based on Michael’s experience with clients, sales will increase a minimum of 15% and margins will improve by 5-10%.

This key principle of sales success helps marketing and sales executives ignite their company’s growth by driving their organizations to integrate sales process and sales messaging into a strategic competitive advantage.

The Business of Success host, Alan Rothman added, “We always try to disseminate critical business skills to our 1.5 million entrepreneurial minded listeners and like to deliver solid business advice that can be easily applied, so that our audience can enhance their chances of achieving success. Michael Cannon did just that. He gave a great interview and imparted meaningful and easily to implement business advice that everyone in business will benefit enormously from.  His charismatic personality and success principles were a perfect fit for our show.”

Members of the media interested scheduling an interview with Mr. Cannon to discuss his remarks may contact Louise La Fosse.

About Michael Cannon

Michael Cannon is an internationally renowned sales and marketing expert, dynamic speaker and best selling author with business gurus Brian Tracy, et. al., of “Create the Business Breakthrough You Want.” An expert in working with B2B companies to increase sales, Michael has assisted hundreds of companies, as big as SBC and as small as a 1-person start-up, to increase sales up to 1300% so far! Michael is Founder of the Silver Bullet Group and creator of the Silver Bullet Sales Messaging System. He has spoken to numerous audiences across the country including Entrepreneur Magazine Radio, the Alliance of CEO’s, the American Marketing Association, TEC International, the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, and many more. For more info, visit silverbulletgroup.com or call 925 930 9436.

About Alan Rothman and the Business of Success Radio Show – The Business of Success radio show (www.businessofsuccess.typepad.com) is designed to educate and empower entrepreneurs and is broadcast live every Sunday to over 1.5 million listeners nationwide. Hosted by Alan Rothman, the show’s success is due to his ability to continuously attract interviews from top Fortune 500 CEOs’ and business leaders and interview them in a unique style that is entertaining, intelligent and insightful, giving his listeners a valuable opportunity to learn from the real life experiences of successful people who have triumphed over adversity. Covering topics the everyday entrepreneur needs to understand in order to get along in the complex world of business, Business of Success interviews cover topics such as global trends, finance, investments, technology, leadership, branding, sales and marketing, networking, personal well-being, motivation and the everyday success principles.



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