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Silver Bullet Group Publishes “9 Strategies to Increase Marketing’s Relevance”


Top nine marketing improvements generate faster revenue growth

WALNUT CREEK, CA — December 1, 2010Research shows that over 50% of the content created by marketing departments, such as in brochures, advertising, and sales training, is not relevant to their customers. An International Data Group (IDG) survey conducted with 400 IT buyers also revealed that a lack of relevance in vendor marketing content reduced the vendors’ chances of closing a sale by 45%. Given this dismal marketing performance picture, business executives are seeking insights into why these problems occur and practical strategies for how to increase the marketing department’s relevance and ROI.

Michael Cannon, CEO of the Silver Bullet Group, provides such strategies in the article, “Nine Strategies to Increase Marketing’s Relevance: Enabling Greater Competitive Differentiation and Faster Revenue Growth”. The article appears in the Silver Bullet Group’s Sales Messaging Matters newsletter (Vol. 5, No. 4), issued on November 10, 2010. 

The importance of Marketing’s relevance cannot be emphasized enough. “Here’s a secret that smart marketers already know,” says Rohit Bhargava, author of the award-winning marketing book, Personality Not Included, and founding member of the 360 Digital Influence team at Ogilvy. “What matters is relevance. I have seen far too many marketers blindly rely on traditional statistics to create materials that match customer interests.”

“If the content produced by Marketing is not relevant, neither is the marketing department,” says Cannon. “We published the “Nine Strategies” article not only for business executives; it’s for anyone who has sales and marketing responsibilities. By implementing one or more of the ideas presented in this article, you can cost-effectively enable Marketing to create materials that are highly relevant to customers, create greater competitive differentiation, and be a driving force toward faster revenue growth.” 

Readers of the “Nine Silver Bullets” article will gain insights into such matters as the true cost of ineffective content, the categories and types of messaging required for market success, the setting of priorities, and a new product development paradigm.



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Members of the media interested in scheduling an interview with Mr. Cannon to discuss his article, “Nine Silver Bullets to Increase Marketing’s Relevance,” or his company may contact Teri Yazdi (see contact info above).


About Michael Cannon

Michael is an internationally renowned sales and marketing effectiveness expert, best-selling author, CEO of the Silver Bullet Group and creator of the Silver Bullet Sales Messaging® System. To learn more, visit http://silverbulletgroup.com/management-team/ or call 925-930-9436.


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