“In three months our sales pipeline has doubled in size, and our close rate is up by 150%.”

Stuart RatnerCOO, A3 Solutions
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Co-Marketing Partners

Chasm Institute LLC

Chasm Institute is focused on providing technology clients in the US/Europe/Asia Pacific with strategy workshops plus practical tools for gaining or sustaining market leadership positions in highly competitive marketplaces. Since 1993, we have specialized in three related areas: 9-point target market strategy development, predicting customer impact, and go-to-market success. Our most popular 2-day workshops are: “Crossing the Chasm 2.0”, “Winning on Main Street”, and “Advanced Go-to-Market Success.” Our directors have worked in alliance with Geoffrey Moore since 1993, and have edited and contributed to several of Geoff’s best-selling high-tech strategy books, including Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado.

Direct Impact Marketing, Inc.

Direct Impact Marketing creates acquisition and retention campaigns through telemarketing, interactive marketing and direct mail. We gauge the effectiveness of these campaigns and the value of customers through marketing performance measurement services. Persuasive messaging is the ‘secret sauce’ for Direct Impact Marketing’s demand generation campaigns. This messaging is critical to both online and offline messaging. Direct Impact Marketing offers either primary research services or lead generation services to test market acceptance of sales messaging.

Market Development Group

Market Development Group helps companies increase their sales and profits quickly and cost effectively through customized research, strategic marketing plans (road maps to success), and developing new sources of revenue. Our clients have realized returns on investment up to 3000% from our customer satisfaction surveys. Mission critical strategic market and competitive data are provided quickly to our clients to help ensure their long-term success. Strategic marketing plans give our clients a practical and measurable road map to success.

Sales Enablement Group

The Sales Enablement Group is truly passionate about sales enablement and are focused on leveraging both process and technology to help our customers sell more. We provide advisory and consulting services to transform the way our customers sell by evolving from “random acts” of sales enablement to a complete selling system. A real strength of SEG is our experience introducing new processes and technology while managing change. With over 100 sales enablement deployments and counting we have truly learned through experience.

UpRight Marketing

UpRight Marketing consultancy grows sustainable revenue and profits for organizations by connecting marketing investments with customer value. UpRight’s systematic methods uncover opportunities and what’s missing in marketing strategy, customer development and communications to quickly grow businesses to unprecedented levels. Wherever you describe results as up and to the right, we deliver.


Sales Training Partners

CustomerCentric Selling®

The primary focus of CustomerCentric Selling® is to help individuals and organizations migrate from traditional to CustomerCentric Selling behavior and to show how their methodology – CustomerCentric Selling – can help sales organizations become more CustomerCentric. We teach CEOs how to own and shape their customers’ experience; we teach sales executives how to define and manage their revenue engines, we teach first line sales managers how to assess and develop the talent of their salespeople, manage to a sales process and build quality pipeline; and we teach salespeople CustomerCentric Selling techniques.


Huthwaite is the acknowledged thought leader in the continuous sales performance improvement industry. Although best known as the creators of SPIN Selling, Huthwaite continues to forge new ground in sales force performance improvement and sales process improvement. Huthwaite has worked with hundreds of world class sales organizations, helping them meet their business objectives, dramatically improve sales effectiveness and productivity, and ultimately increase profits.

Miller Heiman

At the core of every great selling organization is sales process and strategy, which defines how you want to talk to customers. Miller Heiman’s Conceptual Selling® and Strategic Selling processes are responsible for winning more business throughout the world than any other sales process. Our global network of independent sales practitioners are experts at helping companies institutionalize the Miller Heiman sales process so that every individual is consistently using the process for winning business.

Sales Performance International

For more than 15 years, SPI has been the undisputed leader in helping companies implement Solution Selling to successfully transition from selling products to marketing and selling high value solutions. We help the world’s leading corporations drive sustainable performance improvement by transforming the way that they market and sell their offerings.

Sandler Sales Institute

For more than 30 years, Sandler has been a leader in sales and sales management training. Our distinctive, non-traditional selling system and highly effective sales training methodology have helped salespeople and sales managers at every level take charge of the selling process. Sandler training is designed to create lasting “performance improvement” rather than the motivational “quick fix” typical of many seminar-based training efforts.

The TAS Group®

The TAS Group® is a Sales Performance Automation company that helps you sell smarter, and manage your business better. Our industry-leading TAS® methodology has helped more than 750,000 sales professionals find and close more deals, and our proven sales process shows you what you need to do to move opportunities through the pipeline. The result is increased revenue, accurate sales forecasts and pipelines, and timely information to make better decisions. It all gets delivered through our on-demand Dealmaker® technology that integrates with your existing CRM system to produce sustained, measurable results. And to ensure that your sales teams get the full benefit, Dealmaker virtual learning delivers on-the-job training worldwide – reinforced by expert coaching.

Human Resource Partners

Assessment Leaders

As a world leader in human capital information, we help companies attract, retain and advance the best people. Assessment Leaders offers a suite of products for the complete employment cycle of an employee. Managers and HR professionals have access to accurate data to make clear, informed decisions. Easy-to-implement, each assessment tool has a specific application. Multiple reports also combine as an effective development system, providing benefits well beyond hiring for managing, coaching, cross-training, and succession planning. Our web-based technology allows instant access from anywhere in the world and in multiple languages.



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