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“By 2020, 80% of the buying process will occur without any direct human-to-human interaction.” – Gartner and Forrester

Unlike content marketing, which is primarily about awareness and lead generation, content selling is about making your content to do more or all of the selling. It increases your revenues and profits by:

  • Increasing all the key conversion rates in your marketing and sales funnels
  • Reducing sales team time per deal, and thus increases revenue per rep.
  • Shifting direct/indirect selling expense from outside reps to inside reps to online ecommerce.

It’s how Marketing becomes the King of Revenue.

Market Drivers

There are 3 primary market drivers behind the transition to content selling:

  1. The internet enables buyers to do a lot more of their buying without talking to a person. Research indicates that about 60% of the buying process occurs online now and is increasing
  2. New internet communication channels, such as interactive blogs, social media sites, YouTube, etc., accelerate driver #1
  3. Web-enabled software, such as marketing/sales automation and big data analytics, enable Marketing to see deeper into and support more of the buyer’s journey, also accelerating driver #1

Your #1 Barrier

Your #1 barrier to effective content selling is summarized in this Customer Communications Index, (compiled from 10+ years of 3rd-party market research):

  • Less than 50% of your marketing and sales communications are relevant to your customers
  • Less than 30% of your marketing content is relevant to your customer-facing teams

The current content development process is clearly broken. Knowing this, the BIG question is, “how do you make your marketing content 20-30% more relevant and influential?”

Best Approach

Based on the options available to you, we believe that using persuasive messaging is the best approach to effective content selling. It helps you:

  • Increase lead volume and quality
  • Increase conversion rates—click-through, registration, purchase, cross-sell, upsell, renewal, etc.
  • Increase campaign ROI
  • Reduce discounting
  • Reduce Net Sales Expense

Messaging Examples v1-0

Imagine these persuasive battle cards deployed into your marketing content. Each piece perfectly aligned with the buyer’s journey and the primary actions you want them to take.

You’ll see in an instant how they enable your content selling efforts to be much more successful.


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