“SBG helped us create much more influential customer communication. And, their customer-centric perspective added significant long-term value by firmly aligning how the marketing and sales teams think and communicate about our products and services.”

Bud MichaelCEO, Renaissance Management Services
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Marketing Strategies That Really Work!

Improve Your Marketing and Sales Effectiveness. Read This Book!

Marketing Strategies that Really Work!

“The first time the new messaging strategy was used, we closed a $100k sale to a F500 company in less than 60 days. Sales in the region increased approximately 35%.”

Barbara Wehrle, Director, Western Region SilverStream Software, Inc.

Author’s Special Edition/$19.95
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No matter how good your product or service, if you fail to create great messaging, promotions, and collateral and aren’t effective in getting that information into the sales channel and in front of the right potential customers, success will forever elude you. Imagine sitting down with some of America’s most notable marketing experts and asking questions about their most innovative and successful strategies and techniques! Marketing Strategies That Really Work! will arm you with cutting-edge ideas from accomplished men and women with proven track records and long lists of satisfied clients.

  • Understand how to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your messaging.
  • Find out about “education marketing” and the best “how to do it” ideas.
  • Learn how to “fish” for the right customers and where they are.
  • Discover the key strategies to market and sell value.
  • Read about the “best referral marketing strategy” to build your business.
  • Learn the most effective way to market to the affluent and wealthy.
  • Get inside secrets on “sure fire” direct marketing strategies.

As a marketer, it’s wise to make sure that you’re using all the available tools you need. Marketing Strategies That Really Work! is one of those valuable tools.

Author’s Special Edition/$19.95
US 6″ x 9″/152 pp/Softcover/Business Development/Business Leadership/2008

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