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Buyer's Guide

What Are the Operational Issues to Consider When Implementing More Influential Customer Communications?


1.   Executive Leadership Support

  • Reprioritize deliverables and reallocate resources
  • Agree on success metrics, i.e. effectiveness vs. quantity of content
  • Communicate the change and expectations
  • Add as agenda item to staff meetings for 2 to 4 quarters

 2.   Align Marketing and Sales

  • Create a common go-to-market vocabulary and communication style
  • Define and use an objective set of principles to determine if the messaging and content is persuasive and influential
  • Agree on deliverables between the Product Management, Product Marketing, and Field/Channel groups

 3.   Tune Marketing Resources

  • Reprioritize and/or reduce deliverables to give teams the time to define, create, and deploy persuasive messaging into core marketing deliverables
  • Provide training and facilitation services to accelerate change and adoption
  • Create internal messaging experts

4.   Tune Sales Resources

  • Teach Sales teams how to use new messaging and content in the context of the selling process
  • Make content easy to find and use

5.   Implement in Phases

  • One product, one division at a time

6.   Target High-Return Opportunities

  • Limit scope to the top 2 to 3 market segments and competitors



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