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What Is the Best Approach for Implementing More Influential Customer Communications?


Now that you have identified the causes, calculated the cost, and confirmed the projected payback, it’s time to select the best approach.

Your options for producing more influential customer communications – more influential content and conversations – are to establish persuasive messaging as an organizational or departmental priority, and then do one of the following:

1)   Just Do It – Create a homegrown solution from organizational knowledge and web-based research

2)   Outsource – Hire an agency to create the messaging and content for you

3)   Educate and Do It – Engage a firm that specializes in enabling your team with the repeatable methodology and skills needed to do it themselves

The Trouble with Just Do It

Your chances for success are low if you’re tasking internal resources to create more persuasive messaging and content. Internal sources:

  • Lack the tools and skills for “how to” create and integrate highly persuasive messaging into content, as documented by the current content and conversations
  • Lack outside influence and perspective to be able to see things differently
  • Are part of a political and cultural system that is biased to resist change and maintain the status quo

The Trouble with Outsource Option

The risk of higher failure, and costs, occurs if you’re tasking an agency with creating more persuasive messaging and content. Most agencies:

  • Are experts in copywriting and creative, but not messaging. Typically, they rely on their customers to provide core messaging
  • Lack the required market, customer, product, and competitor knowledge to be subject-matter experts in your business. Instead, they rely on their customers to provide core content
  • Lack the tools and skills for “how to” create and integrate highly persuasive messaging into content, as documented by their portfolio
  • Are a more expensive resource compared to teaching your team how to do it

Your Best Option is Educate and Do It

Hire a firm whose expertise is in enabling your team with a repeatable methodology and skills to create more persuasive messaging and more influential content and conversations. The risk of failure and cost are lower because this option:

  • Avoids the trouble with Just Do It and Outsource options
  • Fills an obvious and important skills gap within your organization that is core to your business success – engaging customers with the most influential content and sales conversations
  • Leverages your organizational knowledge and resources
  • Introduces an outside influence and perspective
  • Reduces political and cultural resistance to changing the status quo

And, by selecting the Silver Bullet Group to help you with this approach you obtain 20-30% more influential customer communications that are implemented faster, with less risk, and at half the cost of competitive alternatives. See “Why Silver Bullet Group?” for more.

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