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Why Invest in More Influential Customer Communications?


It’s difficult to create and win more business when, according to over a decade of 3rd party market research:

  • Less than 50% of your marketing and sales communications are relevant to your customers
  • Less than 30% of your marketing content is relevant to your customer-facing teams

Companies who implement more influential customer communications see numerous positive, profitable results. Key among their achievements is the ability to:

  • Create greater competitive differentiation
  • Increase Marketing and Sales effectiveness
  • Accelerate revenue and market share growth

To achieve these results, companies make improvements in key areas such as:

  • Engage customers with more influential content and conversations, more consistently, across more touch points
  • Increase marketing and sales alignment around a customer-centric go-to-market approach, vocabulary, and communication style
  • Increase campaign conversion rates and accelerate sales cycles
  • Increase the number of new product and market launches that meet and/or exceed expectations
  • Decrease the number of opportunities lost to competitors and “do nothing” decision makers
  • Reduce discounting in order to win and retain customers
  • Lower the amount of time that:
    • Sales and Channel teams spend creating and recreating content
    • Marketing spends supporting Sales

Achieve all these key business objectives by changing one thing- make your customer communications 20-30% more influential. The return on your investment is astronomical. Just look at what these companies accomplished.

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