“The Silver Bullet Group’s messaging workshop exceeded expectations. In addition to a quantum leap improvement in messaging quality, we realigned our messaging with the customer’s buying process, got the field sales and product teams on the same page, and have a solid plan for implementation.”

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You will learn practical ideas on how to engage customers with the most influential content and sales conversations by reviewing the articles below.

The #1 Ingredient in Sales Enablement Success

Secrets to Create the Most Relevant Content: Spear Marketing’s Interview with Michael Cannon

5 Easy Steps to Make Your Customer Communications 20 to 30% More Influential

9 Strategies to Increase Marketing Effectiveness: Enabling Greater Competitive Differentiation and Faster Revenue Growth

Face Off: Value Propositions vs. Persuasive Messaging

The Top 10 Principles of Highly Persuasive Messaging

The Secret Ingredient to Achieve the Best Demand-Generation Results: Marketo’s Thought Leadership Interview with Michael Cannon

The #1 Way to Enable Greater Market Success: Messaging Breakthrough Accelerates Each Phase of the Technology Adoption Life Cycle

Solving the Six Biggest Problems with B2B Sales Support Training

Messaging Must Fuel Your Sales Cycle: Does Yours?

Fire, Hire, and Repeat: Is There a Better Way to Increase Sales?

The Real Problems with Today’s B2B Customer Communication and How to Solve Them

Predictions: What Lies Ahead for Sales and Marketing

How to Assess if Your Customer Communication Is Too Descriptive

What’s the Best Messaging to Fuel Your Product’s Life Cycle?

Gold and Silver Bullets: Critical Messaging for Successful Investor-Funded Firms

The Principles of Highly Persuasive Messaging: Create Your Most Effective Messaging with These Objective Evaluation Criteria

Why B2B Messaging Quality Is So Abysmally Low

Five Ways to Test Your Messaging for Greatness

The Top Three Customer Messaging Deployment Blunders and What to Do Instead


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Michael Cannon is an internationally renowned marketing and sales effectiveness expert, best-selling author, speaker and an authority on enabling B2B companies to engage customers with the most influential communications. For more information, visit silverbulletgroup.com.



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